"Your budget, Your choice, You're happy"


"Customer Flexible Warranty"

Exclusively from Flowline Mailing Systems

The Combination of today's superior product technology

and tighter spending budgets, we at Flowline Mailing Systems

have the answer for customers who want the right product at the right price.


With products becoming more reliable, "Customer Flexible Warranty"

gives you the customer the choice of your own warranty period,

therefore greatly reducing the initial outlay of the product.

Examples of "Customer Flexible Warranty" start with purchasing

a product at Virtual Trade Price still including 3 months full warranty 

(EXAMPLE)  Product Retail Price = £2,500 (including 12 months warranty)

£1,800    (3 months warranty)

£2,100    (6 months warranty)

£2,300    (9 months warranty)

£2,500    (12 month warranty)

That means, if your budget can't quite stretch to £2,500 then you can still

purchase the product with 3 full months warranty, and save £700.00


Also, if your budget can stretch to over the retail price, then you can even

take advantage of a better value for money extended warranty (up to 24 months)

on initial purchase, if you feel you would want that extra peace of mind.

It's all about the freedom of choice

"Your budget, Your choice, You're happy"







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