flowline Mailing Systems Ltd

Premier Suppliers of Mailing Products

Give the customer the best products at the lowest prices

and accept nothing less than complete customer satisfaction

The beginning

Flowline Mailing Systems began in 1993 by a group of former Pitney Bowes employees.

Back in 93 we started a partnership business with a primary objective to offer customers 

rebuilt Pitney Bowes equipment,
along with third party service maintenance and consumable 

supplies at greatly reduced prices.

Although now our product range has greatly expanded, we are still the UK's No.1 independent

supplier of fully rebuilt Pitney Bowes equipment and service maintenance.


Where we are today

The last 16 years has put us in a position of strength and independence, with a quality choice 

of products offered at prices that are near impossible to beat. 

We now have products manufactured for us, along with dealerships of which we are pleased

to be associated with. Our strength of being able to receive bulk products and consumables,

enables us to demand the best prices, of which we can then pass on to our customers.


The beauty of being an independent supplier gives us the choice to supply customers with

products that are value for money and conform to our 4 main principles of production.

Quality, Reliability, Ease of use and Performance, therefore you - the customer has the

re-assurance that we have hand-picked the best of the best.


flowline Mailing Systems Charter

Our business principles are built on a foundation of old-fashioned ethics,

along with modern day demands.


1. Supply products at the best possible prices.

2. Ensure that customer demands are dealt with, quickly and responsively.

3. Complete each job in a polite and courteous manner.





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